I’m Davide Imola. I live in Verona, Italy, where I craft software.

I started my journey into coding pretty early. For my first communion, I made my parents bought me my first personal laptop, where I started experimenting with HTML, CSS, forums, and blogs.

Next, I decided to follow my passion by attending a computer science high school and the University in my hometown. During my university years, I started experimenting with the web by creating sites for different clients, and in December, I landed my first job position in this field.

Since I started my journey, I have always been interested in servers and backend development. I started working as a DevOps Engineer, and I loved it!

Containers, Continuous Integration Pipelines, Python, and Observability, are only a few of the things I studied with particular interest! Currently, I am trying to focus on the following topics on Golang, Node.js, Kubernetes, and Cloud-Native.

I firmly believe in giving back to others, and I have always loved to help as I can. I love teaching and talking about tech stuff, so I started making courses, doing private lessons, and mentoring those who need it. Of course, giving back has brought me to Open Source and Communities, and I am currently one of the co-organizers of Schrödinger Hat an Italian community based on OS.